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China Custom Industrial Heavy Duty Portable Mobile Diesel Engine Direct Driven DC Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor for Oil Gas Exploration Mining mini air compressor

Product Description

1.Gas Control System: It is simple and reliable. Inlet rate from 0 to 100% and be adjusted automatically depending on the gas consumption. Automatically adjust the engine throttle to save diesel fuel.

2.Microcomputor Intelligent Control: Air compressor discharge pressure, exhaust gas temperature, engine speed, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel tank level operating parameters with automatic alarm and shutdown protection.

3.Multi-Stage Air Filter and Large Oil-Water Cooler: It is not only suitable for dusty work environment, but it is suitable for high temperature and high altitude environment.

4.Parts and Components: They can be maintained within the accesible range which is convenient and easy.

5.Covenient: Easy to move in rough terrain.Each compressor has lifting rings on the top for safe hoisting and transportation.

Single Stage Compression Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor
Model Capacity Pressure Diesel Brand Diesel engine type Weight Dimensions
m3/min bar KGS L×W×H mm
SYC-3/7 2.8 7 Xihu (West Lake) Dis. 32kw 1000 2200*1560*1400
SYC-5/7 5 7 XICHAI 41KW 1100 2821X1470X1361
SYC-6/8 6 8 XICHAI 55kW 1400 3750×1920×1700
SYC-7/8 7 8 YUCHAI 4D80-K20,58kW 1400 3750×1920×1700
SYC-8/7 8 7 YUCHAI 65kw 1400 3750×1920×1700
SYC-8/8 8 8 XICHAI 65kw 1400 3750×1920×1700
SYC-9/8 8.8 8 YUCHAI 75kW 1600 3750×1920×1700
SYC-10/7 10 7 YUCHAI YC4D95Z-K20,70kW 1900 3900×1920×1700
SYC-8.5/14 8.5 14 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C125,93kW 1900 3900×1920×1900
SYC-10/10 10 10 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C125,93kW 1900 3900×1920×1900
SYC-10/13 10 13 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C125,93kW 2050 4080×1980×2350
SYC-13/10 13 10 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C125,93kW 2050 4080×1980×2350
SYC-12/7 12 7 CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C125,93kW 2050 3900×1980×1900
SYC-12/12 12 12 CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180,132kW 2380 4080×1980×2350
SYC-12/13 12 13 CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180,132kW 2750 4080×1980×2350
SYC-13/13 13 13 CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180,132kW 2750 3450×1520×2220
SYC-17/7 17 7 CUMMINS 6BTA5.9-C180,132kW 3350 3380×1640×2350
SYC-15/13 15 13 YUCHAI YC6A240-20,177kW 3350 3380×1650×2500
SYC-16/13 16 13 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C215,158kW 3350 3980×1800×2450
SYC-13/17 13 17 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C215,158kW 3400 3780×1980×2350
SYC-17/14.5 17 14.5 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 3400 3980×1800×2450
SYC-19/14.5 19 14.5 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 3400 3980×1800×2450
SYC-18/17 18 17 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 3400 3980×1800×2450
SYC-20/13 20 13 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 3400 3980×1800×2450
SYC-22/8 22 8 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 4000 4580×1950×2600
SYC-26/8 26 8 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194kW 4000 4580×1950×2600
SYC-22/14 22 14 CUMMINS 6CTA8.9-C325, 239kW 4500 4580×1950×2600
SYC-27/10 27 10 CUMMINS 6CTA8.9-C325, 239kW 5000 4600×1950×2850
SYC-30/10 30 10 CUMMINS 6CTA8.9-C325, 240kW 5000 4600×1950×2850
Two Stages Compression Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor
SYC-19.5/19 19.5 19 CUMMINS 6CTA8.3-C260,194KW 3700 3650*1800*2500
SYC-22/20 22 20 CUMMINS 6LTA8.9-C360,265KW 4500 4600*1950*2850
SYC-26/20 26 20 CUMMINS 6LTA8.9-C360,265KW 4850 4600*1950*2850
SYC-27/22 27 22 CUMMINS NTA855-P400 5000 4600*1950*2850
SYC-26/25 26 25 CUMMINS QSZ13-C500 5100 4700*2100*2500
SYC-21/35 21 35 CUMMINS QSZ13-C500 5100 4700*2100*2500
SYC-33/25 33 25 CUMMINS QSZ13-C550 5200 4700*2100*2500
SYC-26/35 26 35 CUMMINS QSZ13-C550 5200 4700*2100*2500

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Add:#1401-1402 No.14Building ,Haixibaiyuecheng, No.120 CHINAMFG Road,Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District,HangZhou,ZheJiang ,China


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Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: Diesel Engine
Cylinder Position: Vertical
Structure Type: Closed Type
Installation Type: Movable Type


air compressor

Can Gas Air Compressors Be Used in Construction Projects?

Gas air compressors are widely used in construction projects due to their portability, versatility, and ability to provide the necessary compressed air for various applications. They are an essential tool in the construction industry, enabling the efficient and effective operation of pneumatic tools and equipment. Here’s a detailed explanation of how gas air compressors are used in construction projects:

1. Powering Pneumatic Tools:

Gas air compressors are commonly used to power a wide range of pneumatic tools on construction sites. These tools include jackhammers, nail guns, impact wrenches, concrete breakers, air drills, sanders, grinders, and paint sprayers. The compressed air generated by the gas air compressor provides the necessary force and power for efficient operation of these tools, enabling tasks such as concrete demolition, fastening, surface preparation, and finishing.

2. Air Blow and Cleaning Operations:

In construction projects, there is often a need to clean debris, dust, and dirt from work areas, equipment, and surfaces. Gas air compressors are used to generate high-pressure air for air blow and cleaning operations. This helps maintain cleanliness, remove loose materials, and prepare surfaces for further work, such as painting or coating.

3. Operating Pneumatic Systems:

Gas air compressors are employed to operate various pneumatic systems in construction projects. These systems include pneumatic control devices, pneumatic cylinders, and pneumatic actuators. Compressed air from the gas air compressor is used to control the movement of equipment, such as gates, doors, and barriers, as well as to operate pneumatic lifts, hoists, and other lifting mechanisms.

4. Concrete Spraying and Shotcreting:

Gas air compressors are utilized in concrete spraying and shotcreting applications. Compressed air is used to propel the concrete mixture through a nozzle at high velocity, ensuring proper adhesion and distribution on surfaces. This technique is commonly employed in applications such as tunnel construction, slope stabilization, and repair of concrete structures.

5. Sandblasting and Surface Preparation:

In construction projects that require surface preparation, such as removing old paint, rust, or coatings, gas air compressors are often used in conjunction with sandblasting equipment. Compressed air powers the sandblasting process, propelling abrasive materials such as sand or grit onto the surface to achieve effective cleaning and preparation before applying new coatings or finishes.

6. Tire Inflation and Equipment Maintenance:

Gas air compressors are utilized for tire inflation and equipment maintenance on construction sites. They provide compressed air for inflating and maintaining proper tire pressure in construction vehicles and equipment. Additionally, gas air compressors are used for general equipment maintenance, such as cleaning, lubrication, and powering pneumatic tools for repair and maintenance tasks.

7. Portable and Remote Operations:

Gas air compressors are particularly beneficial in construction projects where electricity may not be readily available or feasible. Portable gas air compressors provide the flexibility to operate in remote locations, allowing construction crews to utilize pneumatic tools and equipment without relying on a fixed power source.

Gas air compressors are an integral part of construction projects, facilitating a wide range of tasks and enhancing productivity. Their ability to power pneumatic tools, operate pneumatic systems, and provide compressed air for various applications makes them essential equipment in the construction industry.

air compressor

Can Gas Air Compressors Be Used in Agriculture?

Yes, gas air compressors can be used in various agricultural applications. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Pneumatic Tools and Equipment:

Gas air compressors can power a wide range of pneumatic tools and equipment used in agriculture. These tools include pneumatic drills, impact wrenches, nail guns, staplers, and pneumatic pumps. Gas air compressors provide the necessary compressed air to operate these tools, making various tasks more efficient and convenient on the farm.

2. Irrigation Systems:

Gas air compressors can be used to power irrigation systems in agriculture. They can supply compressed air to operate pneumatic valves, which control the flow of water in irrigation networks. Gas air compressors ensure reliable and efficient operation of irrigation systems, facilitating the distribution of water to crops in a controlled manner.

3. Grain Handling and Storage:

Air compressors play a vital role in grain handling and storage facilities. They are used to power aeration systems that provide airflow to grains stored in silos or bins. Aeration helps control the temperature and moisture levels, preventing spoilage and maintaining grain quality. Gas air compressors provide the airflow necessary for effective aeration in grain storage operations.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

In agriculture, gas air compressors are commonly used for cleaning and maintenance tasks. They can power air blowers or air guns to remove dust, debris, or chaff from machinery, equipment, or storage areas. Gas air compressors provide a high-pressure stream of compressed air, facilitating efficient cleaning and maintenance operations.

5. Livestock Operations:

Gas air compressors find applications in livestock operations as well. They can power pneumatic equipment used for animal care, such as pneumatic nail guns for building or repairing livestock enclosures, pneumatic pumps for water distribution, or pneumatic tools for general maintenance tasks.

6. Portable and Versatile:

Gas air compressors are often portable and can be easily transported around the farm, allowing flexibility in agricultural operations. Their versatility makes them suitable for various tasks, from powering tools and equipment in the field to providing compressed air for maintenance or cleaning in different farm locations.

7. Remote Locations:

In agricultural settings where access to electricity may be limited, gas air compressors offer a reliable alternative. They can be powered by gasoline or diesel engines, providing compressed air even in remote areas without electrical infrastructure.

8. Considerations:

When using gas air compressors in agriculture, it is essential to consider factors such as compressor size, capacity, and maintenance requirements. Selecting the right compressor based on the specific needs of the agricultural applications ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

In summary, gas air compressors have various applications in agriculture. They can power pneumatic tools and equipment, operate irrigation systems, facilitate grain handling and storage, assist in cleaning and maintenance tasks, support livestock operations, and offer portability and versatility. Gas air compressors contribute to increased efficiency, convenience, and productivity in agricultural operations.

air compressor

What Is a Gas Air Compressor?

A gas air compressor is a type of air compressor that is powered by a gas engine instead of an electric motor. It uses a combustion engine, typically fueled by gasoline or diesel, to convert fuel energy into mechanical energy, which is then used to compress air. Here’s a detailed explanation of a gas air compressor:

1. Power Source:

A gas air compressor utilizes a gas engine as its power source. The engine can be fueled by gasoline, diesel, or other types of combustible gases, such as natural gas or propane. The combustion engine drives the compressor pump to draw in air and compress it to a higher pressure.

2. Portable and Versatile:

Gas air compressors are often designed to be portable and versatile. The gas engine provides mobility, allowing the compressor to be easily transported and used in different locations, including remote job sites or areas without access to electricity. This makes gas air compressors suitable for applications such as construction projects, outdoor activities, and mobile service operations.

3. Compressor Pump:

The compressor pump in a gas air compressor is responsible for drawing in air and compressing it. The pump can be of various types, including reciprocating, rotary screw, or centrifugal, depending on the specific design of the gas air compressor. The pump’s role is to increase the pressure of the incoming air, resulting in compressed air that can be used for various applications.

4. Pressure Regulation:

Gas air compressors typically feature pressure regulation mechanisms to control the output pressure of the compressed air. This allows users to adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the specific application. The pressure regulation system may include pressure gauges, regulators, and safety valves to ensure safe and reliable operation.

5. Applications:

Gas air compressors find applications in a wide range of industries and activities. They are commonly used in construction sites for powering pneumatic tools such as jackhammers, nail guns, and impact wrenches. Gas air compressors are also utilized in agriculture for operating air-powered machinery like sprayers and pneumatic seeders. Additionally, they are employed in recreational activities such as inflating tires, sports equipment, or inflatable structures.

6. Maintenance and Fuel Considerations:

Gas air compressors require regular maintenance, including engine servicing, oil changes, and filter replacements, to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The type of fuel used in the gas engine also needs to be considered. Gasoline-powered compressors are commonly used in smaller applications, while diesel-powered compressors are preferred for heavy-duty and continuous operation due to their higher fuel efficiency and durability.

Overall, a gas air compressor is an air compressor that is powered by a gas engine, offering mobility and versatility. It provides compressed air for various applications and is commonly used in construction, agriculture, and outdoor activities. Regular maintenance and fuel considerations are essential to ensure reliable operation and optimal performance.

China Custom Industrial Heavy Duty Portable Mobile Diesel Engine Direct Driven DC Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor for Oil Gas Exploration Mining   mini air compressorChina Custom Industrial Heavy Duty Portable Mobile Diesel Engine Direct Driven DC Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor for Oil Gas Exploration Mining   mini air compressor
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China China Best Seller 18bar 18m3 S60 Diesel Engine Screw Air Compressor for Sale air compressor harbor freight

Product Description

Product Description

ZEGA diesel motor set air compressors also can be customized to 4 wheels, stationary type.

This collection of items are developed for φ115-224 mm borehole drilling rigs and associated compressed air stations essential by water effectively, geothermal and other initiatives

Under the premise of adhering to the excellent characteristics of cellular air compressors, the collection merchandise have been upgraded and optimized for the ongoing use of the goods and the traits of the transportation dimension demands, the items are a lot more resilient, and the gas use is lower.

The complete system product adopts TIER III engines.

Comprehensive Images


Merchandise Parameters

There are also some other machine designs for your option. for far more details you can contact us on Whatsap:


Model Air Circulation
Rated Strain
Diesel Engine Gas tank(gallon) Air Conclude Dimension(L*W*H) mm Bodyweight (kg)
S60+ 635 261 162 kw Yuchai fifty eight 1 compression stage 3220*1670*2000 3000
S85+ 850 320 228 kw Yuchai one hundred 2compression stage 3560*1830*2050 3560
S95+ 1030 350 295kw Yuchai 111 two compression phase 3950*2000*2300 4700
S98+ 1060 350 295 kw Yuchai 111 2 compression phase 3960*2000*2000 4600
S100+ 1100 362 309 kw FAWDE 111 2  compression phase 3960*2000*2000 4600
S120+ 1310 390 412 kw Yuchai 158 2  compression phase 4100x2000x2200 5600
S125+ 1270 435 410 kw Cummins 158 2  compression phase 4220*2000*2300 5600


Company Profile

HangZhou Duobo Smart Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale skilled company of higher, medium, and low wind force DTH drilling rigs and water effectively drilling rigs in ZheJiang Province. Goods include a lot more than 50 kinds of 6 series. The main products are KQZ sequence DTH drilling rigs, follow-up pipe collection, FY series water properly drilling rigs, substantial, medium, and reduced wind force engineering drilling rigs, etc.

The firm has been fully commited to the specialist manufacturing of drinking water properly drilling rigs and down-the-hole drilling rigs and the sales and servicing of drilling resources and air compressors for far more than 20 many years. Accumulated a wealth of skilled upkeep engineering and considerate and meticulous soon after-revenue support experience. It has gathered a large volume of use knowledge by way of extensive contacts with end users.

The company independently designed a new generation of water well drilling rigs and received a number of national patents. This collection of products have the attributes of standardized configuration, compact and affordable framework, quickly drilling speed, affordable and longevity, and lower failure charge. When introduced, it has been regarded by the industry and is commonly employed in mining engineering building, civil drilling, geothermal drilling, and other fields. The extensive value efficiency of this collection of goods is foremost and has gained a good status in the marketplace, getting to be the 1st selection of consumers almost everywhere.

The organization constantly stands on the user’s level of view, pays focus to person requirements, implements high quality expectations, can make “DUOBO” model series drilling rigs nearer to consumer requirements, and kinds the market administration principle of “consumer demands, DUOBO pursuit”. The company constantly firmly believes that “the market is the only regular.

Other solution



one. Q: What type of conditions of payment can be acknowledged?
A: Normally we can function on T/T or L/C.

2. Q: Which incoterms 2571 terms can we perform?
A: Typically we work on FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDU.

3. Q: What about the delivery time?
A:7 days right after receiving the deposit.

four. Q: What about the guarantee time?
A:12 months after shipment, the motor is 6 months.

5. Q: What about the Minimum Get Quantity?
A: The MOQ is 1 set.

6. Q: Could you adhere customers’ brand names on the merchandise?
A: We warmly welcome the OEM orders.

If you never know how to select a suitable one, you should deliver us an inquiry.
Your inquiry will be replied inside of 2 hours. Create down your concept/request underneath.

US $20,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: One Year
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: Diesel Engine
Cylinder Position: Vertical


US$ 20000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample

as discussed




Model Air Flow
Rated Pressure
Diesel Engine Fuel tank(gallon) Air End Dimension(L*W*H) mm Weight (kg)
S60+ 635 261 162 kw Yuchai 58 1 compression stage 3220*1670*2000 3000
S85+ 850 320 228 kw Yuchai 100 2compression stage 3560*1830*2050 3560
S95+ 1030 350 295kw Yuchai 111 2 compression stage 3950*2000*2300 4700
S98+ 1060 350 295 kw Yuchai 111 2 compression stage 3960*2000*2000 4600
S100+ 1100 362 309 kw FAWDE 111 2  compression stage 3960*2000*2000 4600
S120+ 1310 390 412 kw Yuchai 158 2  compression stage 4100x2000x2200 5600
S125+ 1270 435 410 kw Cummins 158 2  compression stage 4220*2000*2300 5600
US $20,000
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: One Year
Lubrication Style: Lubricated
Cooling System: Air Cooling
Power Source: Diesel Engine
Cylinder Position: Vertical


US$ 20000/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample

as discussed




Model Air Flow
Rated Pressure
Diesel Engine Fuel tank(gallon) Air End Dimension(L*W*H) mm Weight (kg)
S60+ 635 261 162 kw Yuchai 58 1 compression stage 3220*1670*2000 3000
S85+ 850 320 228 kw Yuchai 100 2compression stage 3560*1830*2050 3560
S95+ 1030 350 295kw Yuchai 111 2 compression stage 3950*2000*2300 4700
S98+ 1060 350 295 kw Yuchai 111 2 compression stage 3960*2000*2000 4600
S100+ 1100 362 309 kw FAWDE 111 2  compression stage 3960*2000*2000 4600
S120+ 1310 390 412 kw Yuchai 158 2  compression stage 4100x2000x2200 5600
S125+ 1270 435 410 kw Cummins 158 2  compression stage 4220*2000*2300 5600

what to see in an air compressor

If you need to buy an air compressor, you should know what to look for. The types of air compressors on the market are classified according to their CFM rating, safety devices, and pumps. There are several differences between lubricated and oil-free air compressors that you should know before buying. To better understand the difference between these types of air compressors, read on. This article will guide you through these differences.


If you are looking for a quality air compressor, you have come to the right place. A good air compressor pump will provide high pressure for anything from tires to boats and more. There are hundreds of different models to choose from, and the great thing about buying one from a Chinese manufacturer is that they have so many options. More importantly, Chinese manufacturers can customize air equipment such as air compressors at low prices.
A good quality air pump won’t break easily, but you’ll be able to use it for years. Choosing a high-quality pump will help you avoid many hassles on the road, such as unplanned downtime and installation costs. Plus, a pump from the same manufacturer as your air compressor is your best bet to ensure optimum performance. Listed below are some tips for finding a quality pump for your air compressor.
The air compressor is an important but unremarkable invention. Without them, our lives would be completely different. Without a pump, we can’t get hot water from central heating, nor can we get heat from the refrigerator. We can’t inflate bicycle tires, and we can’t refuel cars. Pumps are vital to all kinds of machines. So why is it important to choose the right product? The answer may surprise you.
Different types of pumps are used for different applications. Positive displacement pumps move a fixed volume of fluid and direct it to a drain. This design ensures constant flow at a constant speed regardless of discharge pressure. Centrifugal pumps work differently. The impeller accelerates the fluid, converting the input energy into kinetic energy. This type of pump is most commonly used in mines, air conditioning, industrial plants, and flood control.

safety equipment

There are several safety features you should check when using an air compressor. First, check the connection of the air filter to the air. If they come loose, parts may separate and cause injury. Another important safety feature is the shut-off valve. When working near compressed air, the shut-off valve should be within easy reach and visibility. Moving parts and other equipment must be protected with protective covers. Check safety valve and replace damaged parts.
Rupture discs are copper discs located on the air cooler. When the air pressure exceeds a certain limit, it bursts. Fusible plugs contain materials that melt at high temperatures. The compressor should have a lubricating oil pressure alarm and cut off the trip signal. If these two safety devices fail, the compressor should be stopped immediately. The rupture disc should be inspected at least weekly to ensure it does not rupture under pressure.
If the pressure level is too high, and overcurrent protection device cuts power to the motor. It also automatically shuts off the compressor when the hose ruptures or the air volume exceeds a preset level. The device should be installed on the air compressor to prevent accidents. Its job is to protect the operator from harm. If employees do not follow these safety measures, they may cause equipment damage.
To ensure safety when operating the air compressor, safety glasses and gloves should be worn. Pressurized air can cause eye injury, and crash goggles can provide a barrier to prevent this. Additionally, the self-retracting cord prevents trip hazards and reinforces excess cord. You should also keep your hands and body away from the air nozzle. This will prevent you from being sprayed with compressed air.

CFM Rating

An air compressor’s PSI and CFM ratings indicate the pressure and volume it can deliver. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and measures the force and pressure contained in one square inch of air. These two indicators are equally important when choosing an air compressor. If you need a lot of compressed air for a specific application, you will need a higher psi compressor. Likewise, if you are using compressed air in a smaller application, a low cfm compressor will not provide enough power to meet your needs.
When comparing different air compressors, be sure to pay close attention to horsepower and CFM ratings. While compressor power is essential for some tasks, it is not the most important aspect. The CFM rating of an air compressor will determine how big a project it can handle and how long it takes to charge. Make sure you understand the CFM and PSI ratings of your future compressors, as not knowing these important statistics can frustrate you and drive up costs.
In general, it is best to choose an air compressor with a CFM rating higher than the size of the air tool. This will ensure that the air compressor has enough pressure to work multiple tools efficiently at the same time. While smaller CFM ratings may be sufficient for smaller projects, larger tools such as drills require a lot of air. Therefore, the higher the CFM, the larger and more powerful the tool.
Once you understand the CFM of an air compressor, you can start looking for the right tool. You can check the CFM rating of your air compressor online by commenting below. If you’re not sure about the size of your air tool, you can always buy a second air compressor. This is a great way to double the CFM of your air compressor! You’ll have more air to do more work, and your compressor will last longer.

Lack of oil and lubrication

Oil-free air compressors have a smaller footprint and require less maintenance than oil-lubricated air compressors. Although oil-lubricated air compressors are more expensive and heavier than oil-free air compressors, they are also ideal for stationary use. The benefits of oil-free air compressors include greater durability and lower maintenance costs. The advantages and disadvantages of each type are discussed below.
Oil-free air compressors are generally quieter than oil-lubricated air compressors. However, you may still experience some noise while using it. To avoid this, you should choose a quiet intake compressor. However, if you work next to a noisy compressor, you should buy a muffler, an aftermarket filter that reduces compressor noise.
If you want to use the air compressor for a long time, the oil-free model is not the right choice. Its Teflon coating wears off over time, especially at extreme temperatures. Additionally, oil-free air compressors have a large number of moving parts that require regular maintenance, while oil-filled air compressors are great for those who don’t want to invest in extra parts.
Another major difference between oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressors is lubrication. Oil-lubricated air compressors require regular lubrication whereas oil-free air compressors are pre-lubricated. They have fewer parts and are cheaper. Oil-free air compressors are lighter than oil-lubricated air compressors. In addition to being more affordable, oil-free air compressors are more powerful and durable.
While oil-filled air compressors are more efficient and durable, they generate a lot of heat. However, they are also more expensive and require regular oil changes. Furthermore, they are difficult to transport. They also need to be permanently installed. These air compressors are also not portable and require a fixed location. So, consider your needs before deciding which type is best for you. When you’re choosing an air compressor for your business, be sure to shop around.

noise level

If you are wondering what the noise level of an air compressor is, the answer depends on your specific equipment and working environment conditions. Typically, air compressors produce 40 to 90 decibels of noise. Although the lower the decibel level, the quieter the compressor will be. Larger, more powerful air compressors produce higher noise levels than their little brothers. But no matter how big the air compressors are, it’s a good idea to wear hearing protection while working around them.
When purchasing a new air compressor, the noise level of the air compressor should be considered. While this may seem like a small problem, there are actually a lot of variations on these noisy machines. The most common type of air compressor is the reciprocating piston pump. This model uses pistons similar to an engine to rotate inside a chamber. The piston moves quickly and traps air proportional to its size. Single-piston air compressors are generally noisier than twin-piston models, also known as twin cylinders.
But even if you have the proper equipment to protect your hearing, it’s still important to know the noise level of an air compressor. Even if the noise is not immediately dangerous, it can still cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. This condition is called noise-induced hearing loss, and an air compressor with a sound level of 80 or higher can cause permanent hearing damage. You can avoid potential damage to your hearing and prevent accidents by simply paying attention to the noise level of your air compressor.
Air compressors are inherently noisy, but if you take steps to reduce their noise levels, you can minimize disruption to neighbors and co-workers. For example, installing a sound enclosure in your work area can prevent your air compressor from making as much noise as before. Depending on your workspace, you can also try installing a long air hose, which will reduce sound levels by up to 25%.
China China Best Seller 18bar 18m3 S60 Diesel Engine Screw Air Compressor for Sale     air compressor harbor freightChina China Best Seller 18bar 18m3 S60 Diesel Engine Screw Air Compressor for Sale     air compressor harbor freight
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China KSCY-550-13 diesel engine rotary screw air compressor with air dryer air compressor repair near me

Relevant Industries: Development works , Vitality & Mining
Showroom Spot: Egypt, Philippines, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Morocco, Chile, Colombia, Romania, Kazakhstan
Problem: New
Kind: Screw, 190psi air compressor
Configuration: Transportable
Electrical power Source: Diesel
Lubrication Fashion: OIL-Less
Mute: Yes
Model Quantity: KSCY-550-13
Voltage: 24V
Dimension(L*W*H): 3380*1650*2500mm
Excess weight: 3350kgs
Guarantee: 1 Yr
Functioning Stress: thirteen bar
Air potential: 550cfm
Machinery Test Report: Offered
Movie outgoing-inspection: Offered
Advertising Variety: Hot Item 2019
Warranty of main factors: 1 Year
Core Factors: PLC, Strain vessel, Motor, Gear, Motor, Pump, Bearing, Gearbox
Fuel Type: Air
Solution name: rotary screw air compressor with air dryer
Attribute: high pressure air compressor
Air compressor oil capability: 48L
Sound Amount db (a): eighty+-three
Engine product: YC6A240-twenty
Delivery ability: 7.255L
Electrical technique voltage: 24V
Wheel measurement and quantity: 6.5-sixteen*four
Color: Custom-made Colour
Packaging Particulars: Nude packingrotary screw air compressor with air dryer

KSCY-550-13 diesel motor rotary screw air compressor with air dryer Host machine: a large-diameter screw rotor, the host and the diesel motor via versatile coupling right linked, with no progress equipment, much better reliability host the identical velocity and the motor (no a lot more than 2400r/min), more time daily life.Motor: CZPT choice, CZPT diesel engines and other domestic manufacturers, meet up with Euro Ⅱ emission requirements, gas intake is reduced, there is a nationwide after-revenue support program, users acquire quick and complete support.Adaptability, in accordance to the dimension of gas use, immediately change the motor throttle (displacement), do not squander a fall of diesel. This is equal to the frequency control of electrical screw equipment.Working parameters at a look, and with a number of gold-alarm and shutdown prompt security.Consumers of the “Kaishan” manufacturer diesel cellular screw the very same machine analysis are: acquire low cost, minimal servicing, minimal maintenance expense, diesel usage is also decrease than related imported confidential. Specification

KSCY-550/13 Diesel Driven transportable Screw Air Compressor
Air compressor
Model No:KSCY-550/thirteen
Air potential(m³/min/cfm)15 (530)
Work strain(Bar/Psig)13 (a hundred ninety)
Fluid ability(L)48
Compression PhaseSingle
Diesel Engine
Engine Model No.Cummins6BT5.9-C180
Cylinder bore stroke quantity of cylinders102*one hundred twenty*6
Capacity (L)5.nine
Rated RPM (r/min)1800
Unload RPM(r/min)1400
Rated Electrical power (KW/hp)132(180)
Fuel Potential(L)150
Noise degree db (a)80±3
Outlet connectionG2*1,G¾*one
Wheel size * Qty6.5-16×4
Packing & Shipping and delivery To much better make certain the safety of your goods, skilled, environmentally friendly, convenient and productive packaging companies will be offered. Recommend Merchandise Company Profile CZPT water well drilling rig is the largest water properly drilling rig producer in China. CZPT water properly drilling rig has total vertical integration of production .CZPT headquarters is situated in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug Province,China, roughly 356 kilometers southwest of ZheJiang , with its second premier manufacturing facility located in ZheJiang , China. CZPT Compressor at the moment has 3000 staff. Specialised in Drilling rig and air compressor for many years.Revenue H2o well drill rig,Blasthole drill rig/quarry rock blasting Drilling equipment.Screw air comressor/Piston air comprssor,air tank for air compressor.jack hammers,hand rock drill. If you are interested in any of our merchandise or would like to go over a custom made get, remember to really feel free of charge to make contact with us. We are hunting forward to forming profitable company associations with new clientele all around the entire world in the close to future. Certificate Exhibition Client praise FAQ Q1: Are you a company?A: Sure, we are a specialist down the gap drill rig and best hammer drill rig producer.Q2: What does your business produce?A: The main merchandise of our organization contain blasting drilling rig,drinking water nicely drilling rig and all kinds of air compressors.Q3: How about your supply time?A: Usually the shipping time is about 7-fifteen times. For some particular situation, we can make it within 2 months, it depends on various merchandise.This autumn: What techniques of payment do you accept?A: We settle for T/T, L/C.Q5: Do you provide any discounts or special discounts?A: Indeed, price tag depends on diverse amount, various quantity will give you different price tag.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor

An air compressor uses pressurized air to power a variety of tools. They are most commonly used to power nailers and impact wrenches. Other popular uses for air compressors include paint sprayers and impact wrenches. While all air compressors have the same basic construction, their specialty differs. Ultimately, their differences come down to the amount of air they can push. Read on for information on each type of air compressor. These tools are great for many different purposes, and choosing the right air compressor depends on your specific needs.

Electric motor

While purchasing an electric motor for air compressor, compatibility is a key factor. Not all motors work with the same type of air compressor, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing. By doing this, you can avoid wasting money on an incompatible motor. Another important consideration is speed. A motor’s speed is its rate of rotation, measured in revolutions per minute. It is critical that you purchase a motor with sufficient speed to meet the needs of your air compressor.
Typically, an electric motor for air compressor is 1.5 hp. It is ideal for use with medical equipment and metal-cutting machines. It also performs well under continuous operation and offers a high efficiency and energy-saving performance. Moreover, it features an attractive price, making it a good choice for a wide range of applications. If you are looking for a motor for an air compressor, look no further than a ZYS series.
A motor’s protection class indicates how the motor will operate. Protection classes are specified by the IEC 60034-5. These are stated with two digits and represent the protection against solid objects and water. For example, an IP23 rating means that the motor will be protected from solid objects, while IP54 means that it will protect from dust and water sprayed from all directions. It is vital to choose a motor with the correct protection class for your air compressor.
When choosing an electric motor, you should consider whether it’s compatible with the brand of air compressor. Some may be compatible, while others may require advanced electronics skills to repair. However, most air compressors are covered by warranty, so it’s important to check with the manufacturer if the warranty is still in effect before you spend a dime on a replacement. The motor should be replaced if it has failed to perform as designed.

Oil bath

Air compressors require proper lubrication to function efficiently. The piston must draw air with minimal friction. Depending on their design, air compressors can either be oil-lubricated or oil-free. The former uses oil to reduce piston friction, while the latter splashes it on the cylinder bearings and walls. Such air compressors are commonly known as oil-flooded air compressors. In order to keep their oil baths clean, they are recommended for use in locations with high dust levels.

Start/stop control

An air compressor can be controlled by a start/stop control. This type of control sends a signal to the main motor that activates the compressor when the demand for air falls below a preset limit. This control strategy is effective for smaller air compressors and can be useful for reducing energy costs. Start/stop control is most effective in applications where air pressure does not change frequently and where the compressor is not required to run continuously.
To troubleshoot this problem, you need to check the power supply of your compressor. To check the supply side, use a voltage monitor to determine if power is flowing to the compressor. Ensure that the power supply to the compressor is steady and stable at all times. If it fluctuates, the compressor may not start or stop as expected. If you cannot find the problem with the air compressor power supply, it may be time to replace it.
In addition to the start/stop control, you may want to purchase additional air receivers for your air compressor. These can increase the capacity of air stored and reduce the number of times it starts and stops. Another way to decrease the number of starts per hour is to add more air receivers. Then, you can adjust the control to match your requirements. You can also install a pressure gauge that monitors the compressor’s performance.
Start/stop control for air compressors can be complex, but the basic components are relatively easy to understand. One way to test them is to turn the compressor on or off. It is usually located on the exterior of the motor. If you’re unsure of the location of these components, check the capacitors and make sure that the air compressor is not running while you’re not using it. If it does, try to remove the capacitor.
Variable displacement control is another way to adjust the amount of air flowing into the compressor. By controlling the amount of air, the control can delay the use of additional compressors until more required air is available. In addition to this, the device can also monitor the energy used in the compressor. This control method can result in substantial energy savings. You can even save on the amount of electricity by using variable displacement control. It is essential for efficient compressed air systems.

Variable speed drive

A VFD, or variable frequency drive, is a type of electric motor that adjusts its speed to match the demand for air. It is an efficient way to reduce energy costs and improve system reliability. In fact, studies have shown that a 20% reduction in motor speed can save up to 50% of energy. In addition, a VFD can monitor additional variables such as compressor oil pressure and motor temperature. By eliminating manual checks, a VFD will improve the performance of the application and reduce operating costs.
In addition to reducing energy costs, variable-speed drives also increase productivity. A variable-speed air compressor reduces the risk of system leaks by 30 percent. It also reduces the risk of system leaks by reducing pressure in the system. Because of these advantages, many governments are promoting this technology in their industries. Many even offer incentives to help companies upgrade to variable-speed drives. Therefore, the variable-speed drive can benefit many air compressor installations.
One major benefit of a variable-speed drive is its ability to optimize energy use. Variable frequency drives are able to ramp up and down to match the demand for air. The goal is to optimize the pressure and flow in the system so that the best “dead band” occurs between forty percent and eighty percent of full load. A variable-speed compressor will also increase energy efficiency because of its programmability.
A variable-speed air compressor can also be used to control the amount of air that is compressed by the system. This feature adjusts the frequency of power supplied to the motor based on the demand. If the demand for air is low, the frequency of the motor will reduce to save energy. On the other hand, if there is an excess demand for air, the variable-speed compressor will increase its speed. In addition, this type of air compressor is more efficient than its fixed-speed counterpart.
A VFD has many benefits for compressed air systems. First, it helps stabilize the pressure in the pipe network, thereby reducing the power losses due to upstream pressure. It also helps reduce the power consumption caused by fluctuations in upward pressure. Its benefits are also far-reaching. And as long as the air pressure and air supply is properly sized, a VFD will help optimize the efficiency of compressed air systems.

China KSCY-550-13 diesel engine rotary screw air compressor with air dryer     air compressor repair near meChina KSCY-550-13 diesel engine rotary screw air compressor with air dryer     air compressor repair near me
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China best Diesel Engine Powerful Screw Air Compressor for Sale (10m3/min, 13bar) with Good quality

Merchandise Description

HG400M-13 Diesel Engine Powerful Screw Air Compressor for Sale

Portable Screw Diesel Air Compressor extensively used to hydropower, railway, ship restoring, mining, freeway, spray, oil and fuel discipline, h2o well drilling rig, municipal construction, and so on.

Specifics Attribute for HG400M-13 Portable Screw Diesel Air Compressor for Mining :
1. Most sophisticated air finish:GHH from German technologies.
two. Authorative of the engine.
three. Broad open up gull-wing doorway:
four. MANN Brand name Air filter,oil filter,air-oil separator,three phase air filter ensure the air clear.
five. Electrical energy and pannel instrument method:
six.  Solid undercarriage
seven.  High productive & financial adjustment method.
eight. Compact framework design and style,anti-corrosion,and gentle-fat.

Specification for HG400M-thirteen Diesel Engine Strong Screw Air Compressor for Sale 



Picking an Air Compressor

Contemplating a new Air Compressor? Here are some suggestions to make the determination easier. Understand the execs and cons of every kind, which includes the variations in between oil-injected and oil-free of charge types, one stage and constructive displacement. In addition, understand much more about the diverse technologies that are obtainable for your air compressor. It is critical to pick an acceptable unit for the type of work you do. Below are some of the best compressors accessible today.

Optimistic displacement

There are several diverse varieties of air compressors, but most are good displacement air compressors. They use a rotary or reciprocating ingredient to compress air. The reciprocating component compresses air by lowering the volume of the chamber. Positive displacement compressors are employed in bicycle pumps, chemical vegetation, and refrigerators. Good displacement air compressors use a number of inlet ports. Regardless of the numerous varieties, the principle of procedure continues to be the very same.
Yet another kind of optimistic displacement air compressor is a reciprocating piston. The piston inside of a cylinder moves up and down, triggering the compressed air to fill the upper portion of the cylinder. These air compressors are used in a variety of distinct applications, including blowing bottles and gas pipelines. These air compressors can be water-cooled, lubricated, or non-lubricated. Distinct varieties have diverse capacities and air pressures.
A constructive displacement flowmeter utilizes a rotating chamber that divides continuous fluid into discrete parts. The quantity of moments the chamber is loaded and discharged can be utilized to estimate the movement price. The rotation speed of the measuring chamber is immediately proportional to the stream charge. The downsides of this variety of good displacement flowmeter are that it is vulnerable to jamming. If the fluid contains particles, it may possibly be as well thick for the meter to establish movement rate.
A negative displacement air compressor was invented in 1860 and is the oldest variety of compressor. It makes use of two lobes positioned in a circular cavity. One rotor is linked to an engine, although the other pushes the other one to spin in the opposite route. Unfavorable displacement compressors are reduced-routine maintenance, but they do demand far more precision. They are usually employed in nuclear energy vegetation since they use the kinetic energy of the rotating aspects to produce stress.


Oil-flooded or oil-injected air compressors use liquid to seal and lubricate relocating areas and minimize noise. Oil-flooded air compressors are successful for a range of pneumatic instruments and add-ons. Some designs have a thermostat that controls the sum of oil used in the course of procedure. Other kinds of oil-flooded air compressors are piston-sort versions. Here is an overview of the simple variances between these two air compressors.
An oil-injected air compressor is a lot more costly than a comparable oil-totally free air compressor, but its advantages much outweigh its drawbacks. An oil-totally free compressor is quieter, demands significantly less upkeep, and has a reduce price tag. It also gives a better degree of air purity. A variety of other benefits may possibly also make this variety of air compressor the much better selection for a lot of industrial options. If you require a high-strain compressor in a limited space, contemplate the advantages of an oil-cost-free technique.
Oil-injected air compressors call for a lot more maintenance than oil-cost-free models. Equally types of air compressors offer you similar ability and ISO 8573-1 Course and 1-2 purity, but the oil-injected programs need more air-treatment method parts. They demand an activated carbon filter and coalescing filter. Oil-injected air compressors will most likely remain the common for industrial air compressors for many many years. And since their efficiency and performance are comparable, it may be worthwhile to make investments in some point-of-use air treatment.
Both varieties of air compressors have their rewards. However, picking amongst oil-totally free and oil-injected air compressors is not as simple as you might believe. Whichever variety you pick, make positive it will fulfill your requirements. The benefits of an oil-injected air compressor outweigh their negatives. In standard, oil-injected air compressors are more tough and can last lengthier than oil-free of charge types. The only draw back is their increased value.


When selecting an air compressor for your firm, you’ll require to determine what it is going to be utilised for. For illustration, if you are planning on using it to electricity multiple employees, you should contemplate receiving an oil-free compressor. An oil-totally free compressor, on the other hand, is quieter and can power many staff at a time. If you’re a contractor, the most critical thing to consider will be the type of positions you will be carrying out. Increased air pressure means increased demand for air circulation, and more stress can harm the gear.
Oil-free compressed air is licensed 100% cost-free of contaminants. Technically, oil-free of charge air is not entirely cost-free of international subject, but it is really minimal inside of the limitations of functional air high quality. A technically oil-totally free air compressor may well have a complete oil stage of .003 mg/m3. If you happen to be in want of a technically oil-free air compressor, you have to install an air remedy products soon after your existing compressor.
If you’re in the production industry, a great oil-totally free air compressor will save you funds and reduce your environmental affect. Numerous of these equipment demand air compressors to work, and this equipment will make sure that they never get contaminated. To buy the greatest oil-totally free compressor, you need to learn a little bit about the distinct terms utilized by compressor repair companies. ACFM, for illustration, is the amount of air that can be compressed in one particular moment at rated situations.
When you are utilizing an oil-totally free air compressor, you need to know that the overall life of the unit will be much shorter. Compared to an oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor, an oil-free compressor generally has a lifespan of 50 thousand hrs. But it’s essential to realize that this variety of compressor can nonetheless result in hurt to piping and processes. Consequently, you must choose an oil-cost-free compressor when you need to thoroughly clean air for your company.


A single-stage air compressor, also acknowledged as a piston air compressor, compresses air only as soon as ahead of storing it in a cylinder. This stored air has adequate strength to power a selection of pneumatic equipment, these kinds of as screwdrivers, chisels, and wrenches. These models are also ideally suited for minimal-movement purposes and are broadly utilised in gas stations, automobile shops, and a variety of producing plants.
A solitary-stage air compressor uses two valves – a single for inlet and one for outlet – to transfer compressed air. Both valves are actuated by springs. The inlet valve has a slight curvature to offer safety from damage. The compressor’s outlet valve opens when the pressure in the cylinder is greater than the strain in the storage tank. The piston moves quite rapidly within the cylinder, exerting a large sum of pressure all through the compression method. This higher piston pace is a widespread cause of compressor wear and tear.
A single-phase air compressor is perfect for smaller sized tradesmen and small construction crews. Its light-weight and compact style make it less difficult to transportation and retailer. While it could be tempting to purchase the very first inexpensive air compressor you see, it really is critical to equilibrium the cost towards performance to choose the correct air compressor for your wants. The very best single-stage air compressor is a single that gives superb efficiency and longevity. Its two-phase counterpart is developed for bigger development groups and huge programs.
The main big difference between a single-phase and a two-phase air compressor lies in their capability. A one-stage air compressor compresses air only once and provides it into the storage tank, even though a two-stage compressor compresses it two times, generating double the strain. Due to the fact of this, solitary-phase air compressors are less costly and versatile than their counterparts, which indicates that they can be used for several purposes.


A low-sounds air compressor is a variety of industrial compressor that is considerably less noisy than regular air compressors. These are typically more compact devices developed for smaller sized factories and workshops with a few to many staff. They are developed to deal with mid-weight volumes of compressed air for every day. This sort of compressor is specifically helpful for smaller sized production businesses that need to produce compressed air for health-related purposes. Small breweries can also advantage from the lower-sound capabilities of these compressors.
Reduced-sounds air compressors occur in various sizes and functions. For scaled-down employment, you can purchase a one-gallon model that is light-weight and moveable. For greater positions, you can buy a single with a greater tank that can provide far more force for more time jobs. However, a larger tank will make the compressor heavier and tougher to transportation. To steer clear of this, make sure to check out the size of the tank and how a lot electrical power it can deal with.
Thinking about a reduced-sound air compressor for your organization? If so, you’ve appear to the correct area. There are a selection of inexpensive and trustworthy low-sounds alternatives to choose from. A CAT 10020C, for illustration, is developed to supply substantial-quantity air to a lot of outlets at after. A CAT 10020C will come with a ten-gallon tank, wheels, and a carrying manage.
Sound amounts can also influence the efficiency of staff. When employees operate with air compressors in near proximity to each and every other, they may possibly produce tinnitus. If workers are free from tinnitus because of the loud noise, they are probably to perform far more successfully. In addition, it will be less difficult for them to focus and talk proficiently. If you want a compressor, a minimal-sound one particular is an superb option.

China best Diesel Engine Powerful Screw Air Compressor for Sale (10m3/min, 13bar)     with Good qualityChina best Diesel Engine Powerful Screw Air Compressor for Sale (10m3/min, 13bar)     with Good quality

China factory Diesel Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor with Hot selling

Item Description

Diesel Motor Moveable Screw Air Compressor

Our Diesel motor sort moveable screw air compressor


    Commonly utilised in mining, drinking water conservancy, transportation, shipbuilding, urban construction, power, armed forces and other industries, and nicely gained by clients for higher performance, strength conserving, secure and stable, in line with the needs of environmental safety tools.
Products incorporate diesel driven variety screw compressor device, motor driven variety screw compressor equipment, power assortment of 33-348KW, exhaust air capability of 35m3/min, exhaust stress up to 35Bar.


1.  Diesel motor:High performance and power preserving, security, toughness, electricity reserve sufficient, undertake effectively-recognized brand names of Cummings motor. Comply with Euro II emission requirements, and the EU E – mark regular emission certification.

two. Adopt twin rotor/screw air end for compression air.
Have Features of Strong electrical power, Protection and stability, Economical and environmental welcoming.

three. CZPT program
Adopt higher overall performance plate fin composition, can use in high temperature environment, can operate for a lengthy time at -20-50 incredibly cold or very hot climates,  and with protection security protect.

4. Movable program
☆ Adopt adjustable peak and rotatable supporting legs, very suited for out of doors area operation underneath numerous operating conditions.
☆ Hefty duty machine with 4 wheels, with hefty shock absorption, a lot more adaptable.

5. Information security
Outfitted with monitoring program, can check equipment operation standing in any time.
With quantity of info show, monitoring and CZPT cease perform.

6. Sophisticated water-resistant and dust evidence perform
Machine manage, each and every entry door and the device group of vertical plate, all adopt rainproof and dustproof layout, avoid the entry of rain or dust, greatly boost the protection stage.

7. Undertake scientific technological innovation to achieve audio absorption and shock absorption, can procedure beneath lower sounds.
8. Can meet the application of altitude earlier mentioned 4500m,  temperature of as high as fifty five levels C, and severe environment of fifty five% oxygen content material.

9. Straightforward routine maintenance.

Technical parameter of Movable screw air compressor ( driven by diesel motor):


Technological parameter of Movable screw air compressor ( driven by electric motor):

Our factory and workshop:


After income support:
one. Delivering professional air compression software developing for totally free.
2. Offering our manufacturing unit CZPT device parts at most affordable value following device product sales.
three. Providing education and guidance for free, consumers can ship their employees to our manufacturing facility to discover how to work the equipment.
4. Guarantee time period: the screw principal device is 1 year, the bearing is 1 12 months, the use components of air consumption valve, electrical factors, electromagnetic valve, fee valve are 6 months
5. There is virtually no sporting component of our equipment merchandise because we undertake high grade top quality and CZPT components and electrical components when designing and production.

Certification and patents of our air compressor


Q1: Are you manufacturing unit or trade company?  
A1: We are manufacturing unit.
Q2: Warranty phrases of your equipment? 
A2: One yr guarantee for the device and complex support according to your demands.
Q3: Will you offer some spare areas of the devices? 
A3: Yes, of training course.
This fall: How extended will you just take to set up creation? 
A4: 380V 50HZ we can shipping and delivery the items inside of twenty times. Other electrical power or other color we will supply inside of 30 times.
Q5: Can you acknowledge OEM orders? 
A5: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome!

How to Restore and Maintain an Air Compressor

A compressor is a unit used to shift air from one area to an additional. Air enters the air compressor via the intake valve. Inside of the compressor, the vanes on the inner rotor rotate inside an eccentric cavity. The self-altering size arm divides the place into multiple cavities of various measurements. As the rotor rotates, air fills the cavity. As air flows around the cavity, it builds strain and is squeezed out of the compressor output.

Positive displacement

Constructive displacement air compressors use reciprocating pistons to compress air. Gasoline is drawn in for the duration of the suction stroke and compressed by relocating the piston in the opposite course. It then discharges the compressed air by transferring it in the reverse path. This sort of air compressor is most frequently located in automobiles, refrigerators, and other applications that demand substantial pressure. Even so, it is not as successful as a centrifugal compressor.
Most present day air compressors use constructive displacement. Optimistic displacement models seize a volume of air in the compression chamber and distribute it when the pump is working at maximum ability. They are more economical than their damaging displacement counterparts. Reciprocating screw air compressors are the most common good displacement compressors. The reciprocating screw air compressor adopts a water jacket about the cylinder and is typically employed in procedures such as oil drilling.
A bicycle pump is an case in point of constructive displacement compression. Air is drawn into the cylinder and compressed by the transferring piston. A piston compressor functions on the same basic principle, but it makes use of a rotating crankshaft or connecting rod to complete the movement of the pistons. There are two kinds of positive displacement compressors: single-acting and double-acting. Both types work on the very same principle, equally are positive displacement compressors. The distinction among the two types is the pressure ratio.
In air compression, good displacement compression reduces the volume of the fluid and decreases its viscosity. This benefits in larger force ratios and is utilized in centrifugal, axial, and scroll compressors. Optimistic displacement is a frequent characteristic of most air compressors. Constructive displacement compressors offer the exact same advantages and are far more vitality-successful when utilized to oil-cost-free and gas programs. This sort of compression is generally the ideal decision for minimal-strain programs.

oil free of charge

If you’re seeking for an air compressor for your business, take into account an oil-free air compressor. These types supply cleaner, quieter procedure than classic air compressors and require less servicing. They also meet ISO Course or Class 1 air purity needs. Oil-totally free air compressors are also quieter, with less shifting parts and considerably less noise. These rewards make oil-totally free air compressors an excellent resolution for many commercial purposes.
Air purity is vital in a lot of industries. Even the tiniest fall of oil can damage manufacturing gear or damage merchandise. The ideal way to find an oil-free of charge air compressor for your organization is to consider the procedure and conclude merchandise. As air top quality improves, a lot more and far more businesses are turning to oil-totally free compressors. Some of the benefits and disadvantages of these air compressors are:
When picking an oil-cost-free air compressor, it is important to comprehend the terminology employed in the business. Being aware of these terms will make it simpler for you to choose the correct compressor for your demands. ACTFM, or actual cubic ft for each minute, is an sector phrase for measuring the sum of air pumped in 1 moment under rated conditions. Although a basic amount, it can be very useful in deciding which type of air compressor is greatest for your application.
The ISO 8573-1 global standard defines air high quality and provides air purity classifications. The strictest classification is air purity course . A lot of manufacturers claim that oil-free of charge air compressors meet up with this standard. Nevertheless, a class oil-cost-free air compressor does not automatically mean that the air is cost-free of contaminants. In truth, Class is the benchmark for air purity. Even though zero air quality is the optimum degree, that does not indicate it’s fully oil-totally free.

double performing

A double-acting air compressor is a device that uses compressed air to create electrical power. Its working basic principle is based on piston and connecting rod. The connecting rod connects the crankshaft to the piston by way of pins and caps. The piston moves as the piston moves. Rods are generally manufactured of cast carbon steel. In conditions of service and routine maintenance, double-performing compressors call for standard vise upkeep and suitable cleansing.
The displacement of the compressor is a evaluate of the displacement that the piston can generate in a particular interval of time. Displacement is normally expressed in true cubic ft for every minute. The exact calculation relies upon on the variety of cylinder and the configuration of the compressor. Solitary-performing cylinders can have head-conclude or crank-stop displacement, equally of which can be calculated making use of the displacement equation. A double-performing air compressor will use this equation. 4 and 6 calculate the displacement.
Double-performing air compressors have multiple cylinders and are manufactured of cast iron. They are water-cooled and have a mechanical link in between the piston and connecting rod. A double-performing compressor compresses air two times per revolution of the motor. A single cylinder moves up, whilst the other cylinder moves down. The piston moves down, enabling air to enter by means of valve #1. During the operation of the compressor, the temperature of the air and gasoline will increase.
Double-acting air compressors usually have high pressure and are deemed workhorses. Double-acting compressors also characteristic intercooling and double compression. As a end result, these devices have a tendency to last lengthier than single-performing compressors. Its low speed and twin compression make it a workhorse in the compressor business. Double-acting air compressors are workhorses and versatile units.

gas tank pressure swap

You can adjust the force in the air compressor tank by adjusting the differential stress. You can flip the mainspring clockwise or counterclockwise to improve or lessen the force. This valve will open when the force is reduced sufficient to start off the compressor. If the stress is as well lower, the valve must be shut. The reduce-in and cut-out pressures should be set to proper values. Following modifying the tank pressure, verify the hysteresis of the tank force swap and set the desired shutoff strain.
If the strain in the tank falls under the cut-in stage, the tank stress swap should be replaced. You can examination the swap with a multimeter. Make certain the change is not ruined. If you can not uncover the swap, you can seem at the other sections. If you discover any destroyed or missing parts, you must substitute them. Or else, it could be time to examine the tank stress switch. You may possibly need to have to disassemble the compressor and remove the swap.
The fuel tank stress switch is an crucial part of the air compressor. It keeps you knowledgeable of the volume of air sent by the compressor. If your tank or tank is damaged, your readings will be incorrect. If the pressure change is destroyed, it will not purpose appropriately and consequence in incorrect readings. The good news is, there are some easy approaches to resolve this. To prevent this from going on, maintain the tank force swap in excellent condition.
When the air strain in the tank drops to the lower-in stress location, the swap permits power to stream by means of it. This will start the motor and pump of the air compressor. Then, if the strain in the tank rises above the reduce-off amount, the switch will excursion and cease the compressor. This will avoid it from currently being above-pressurized. Power circulation will keep on to flow to the motor. Depending on your compressor product, you can alter the minimize-in and reduce-out pressures as necessary.

strength source

The power source of the air compressor is really crucial. Most air compressors run on 12 VDC, which is excellent for automotive use. Alternatively, you can purchase a switching power provide for around $twenty. No subject which electrical power supply you pick, you need to make certain that it can help the optimum current of the compressor. You can find energy provides in all measurements, from quarter-horsepower to five-horsepower.
The voltage necessary for a 3-section air compressor will range. 3-section air compressors call for 3 separate energy cords and a three-phase electrical services panel. This is simply because a regular 120/240-volt electrical provider panel is not ample to power a a few-section compressor. Moreover, 3-phase compressors call for three individual isolated wires for the engine and motor circuits. A few-stage compressors do not demand a neutral wire.

China factory Diesel Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor     with Hot sellingChina factory Diesel Engine Portable Screw Air Compressor     with Hot selling